Orphanage well

Water is a necessity but not always readily available.  This makes life hard especially when you have 40 people living in one house. When the well at the orphanage dried up Dovick was faced with a real problem. It became necessary for him to quickly hire someone to manually dig until they got to water again. The hole was dug to 35’, rocks were pulled out using a bucket and then it was time to pump water out until good clear water was found. The area that we are in is known for having good water which is such a blessing. Water filled the front of the house as we waited for clear water to come. Once it did the hole was closed up and we again had water going into the home. This work would not be possible if we did not have people who contribute financially. The truth is we must have money to meet our monthly commitments of food, teachers, workers, medical care, etc. but just as important we also need to have money for when a problem arises. Thank God, we had a group contact us that same week and they wanted to donate for an unexpected need we may encounter while in Haiti. 
While we are so thrilled that the problem has been temporarily fixed, it may work for quite sometime. But, we know that to support the water needs of the orphanage long term we must dig down to at least 180’. This will require money and a professional with equipment. We will continue to keep you updated.

E.C.H.O. Haiti