Necessary home renovations


Since we began working with CSEDI in 2012 it has been a priority to provide a safe and loving home for the children in the orphanage. We have done so through a secure home, clean water, building a school, hiring teachers and nannies for the orphanage, to name a few. As we have completed several projects in the home it has now become imperative to address the issue of their bathroom, showers, cooking and eating area. Because there are not enough showers in the home, most of the children from teenage years to the very young are using an unsanitary shower outside, located in the back of the house. Right beside the shower is their kitchen which is also in very bad condition. Our goal is to build a new separate shower area for boys and girls, which they currently do not have, a clean new kitchen, storage for food, and an eating area so everyone can eat together. However, we can not take on such a project alone. We need you! Please donate to our building fund to make this very necessary need a reality!

E.C.H.O. Haiti